12 B2B Lead Generation Tools To Boost Your Revenue


Generating leads for your business-to-business (B2B) company is not a walk in the park. And with 79% of marketers prioritizing lead generation, there’s stiff competition nurturing prospects and convincing them to engage with your business.

To get ahead of your competitors and effectively generate leads, you need to use B2B lead generation tools. If you’re researching the best B2B lead generation tools, you’ve come to the right place.

This blog post will go through the following topics:

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12 B2B lead generation tools

Here are the 12 best B2B lead generation tools you can use to get qualified leads, nurture them, and grow your revenue:

  1. MarketingCloudFX
  2. Nutshell
  3. LeadPages
  4. LeadFeeder
  5. OptinMonster
  6. Paperform
  7. HotJar
  8. Everwebinar
  9. KasprIO
  10. LeadGenius
  11. Drift
  12. Intercom

Here’s a summary of these tools’ prices and features:

B2B Lead Generation Tools


Starts at $675 per month

  • Drive qualified traffic to your site
  • Build landing pages with FunnelsFX
  • Nurture leads with LeadNurtureFX and EmailMarketingFX

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Starts at $16 per month
14-day free trial available

  • Create forms to collect and store lead info
  • Integrate into MarketingCloudFX
  • Streamline your B2B lead generation and sales processes

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Starts at $74 per month

  • Create custom landing pages for different audiences
  • Create pop-up forms

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Starts at $199 per month
Free, limited version available

  • Identify the companies visiting your website
  • Perform lead scoring

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Starts at $9 per month

  • Create lead forms using templates
  • A/B test your forms

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Starts at $20 per month
14-day free trial available

  • Build forms with a drag-and-drop functionality
  • Integrate forms with your other apps or CRM

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$32 per month
Free limited plan available

  • Create and send targeted surveys among your audience

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$499 per year

  • Generate leads from your webinars
  • Schedule and automate webinar footage and lead capturing

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Kaspr IO

Starts at €45 per month
Free limited plan available

  • Get a prospect’s contact info
  • Enrich your lead data

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Pricing available upon request

  • Update your database of prospects
  • Get a personalized dataset for reaching out to your customer

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Starts at $2500 per year

  • Guide your visitors on your website
  • Lead your site visitors to convert into leads

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Starts at $74 per month

  • Conversational chatbot that engages with your prospects visiting your website
  • Gather feedback from your site visitors

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Let’s go through each one below:

1. MarketingCloudFX

Price: Full suite of growth features starts at $675 per month

MarketingCloudFX is our proprietary growth platform with a suite of features that can help you drive qualified traffic to your site, increase your leads, and grow your revenue. Powered by IBM Watson, MarketingCloudFX can help B2B companies generate leads through these features:

  • LeadNurtureFX: Build rapport with your prospects and leads with LeadNurtureFX. This feature enables you to create workflows to automatically send personalized info your audience needs, thus nurturing them to conversion.
  • EmailMarketingFX: This email builder lets you create engaging and personalized emails. EmailMarketingFX has several email templates you can choose from and customize. It also enables you to track your emails’ performance, so you can improve your email marketing strategies just like our customers, who increased leads their leads by 16% with this feature.
  • FunnelsFX: This drag-and-drop landing page builder lets you quickly launch on-brand landing pages that encourage conversion.

2. Nutshell

Price: Starts at $16 per month

One of the best B2B lead generation tools you can use is a customer relationship management (CRM) software like Nutshell. Nutshell lets you create forms to collect and store lead information in one place.

You can integrate Nutshell into MarketingCloudFX, so not only can you generate, nurture, and convert leads, but you also get insights into your lead information. MarketingCloudFX also enables you to streamline your B2B lead generation and sales processes.

3. LeadPages

Price: Starts at $74 per month

LeadPages lets you craft custom landing pages for different audiences. If you need help creating pop-up forms and alert bars to generate leads, LeadPages also comes in handy.

You can choose from different landing page templates, which are all optimized to generate leads. LeadPages also uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help you craft headlines. The AI features can also A/B test your headlines, so you use the one that generates more leads!

4. LeadFeeder

Price: Starts at $199 per month — free, limited version available

Have you ever wanted to get a hint about your site visitor’s company and industry? LeadFeeder can identify the companies checking out your website so you can convert them into leads.

A sales and marketing tool that identifies website visitors, LeadFeeder has a database of static and dynamic IPs. It can automatically perform lead scoring and show you the contact information of the companies that visited your site, thus streamlining your lead generation process.

5. OptinMonster

Price: Starts at $9 per month

You can create lead forms with OptinMonster, another B2B lead generation tool with over 100 lead form templates. This tool also has a segmentation and targeting engine that will display the appropriate popup to your audience, thus encouraging conversion.

OptinMonster also lets you A/B test your forms, so you can further optimize them and use forms that have better conversion rates.

6. Paperform

Price: Starts at $20 per month — 14-day free trial available

Paperform is a form builder that lets you customize your form’s interface with a drag-and-drop functionality.

You start by selecting a template that you can edit. Once you’ve created your form, you can integrate it with the other apps you use or CRM. Embed the form on your website or include it in your email newsletters.

Paperform can also generate reports about your form’s performance, so you’ll know what works and improve your forms to generate more leads in the future.

7. HotJar

Price: $32 per month — free limited plan available

How are your site visitors navigating — and behaving on — your website? With HotJar, you’ll know how your prospects use your website: Which parts of the site are they clicking on? Which parts are they ignoring?

Given this intel, you’ll understand what’s drawing your audience to engage with your site and sign up as a lead.

You can also create and send targeted surveys among your audience using HotJar so you can better understand them.

8. Everwebinar

Price: $499 per year

Webinars are excellent content marketing tools that showcase your authority in your B2B field. These online events are also excellent avenues for you to generate leads.

An excellent B2B lead generation tool for webinars is Everwebinar, which schedules and automates your webinar footage and lead capturing. Using a countdown timer, you can increase the number of attendees and boost engagement among your audience.

9. Kaspr IO

Price: Starts at €45 per month — free limited plan available

You can use Kaspr as a Chrome extension for LinkedIn to get a prospect’s contact information like email and phone number. This B2B lead generation tool enriches your lead data so you can have your lead’s missing contact information and other details like their company, industry, and position.

10. LeadGenius

Price: Pricing available upon request

If you have a database of your B2B prospects’ email addresses for years, chances are some of the contact info is already outdated. To keep your contact info fresh, you can use tools like LeadGenius.

LeadGenius ensures that your database contains up-to-date lead information. In addition, it also provides you with personalized and unique datasets that you may find helpful when you reach out to your customer.

11. Drift

Price: Starts at $2500 per year

Chatbots can guide visitors to the page they’re looking for or connect them with your sales reps. Drift is a B2B lead generation tool that can do such a task, thus leading your audience to the information they want. You can also use this chatbot to guide your prospects to convert into leads.

12. Intercom

Price: Starts at $74 per month

Do you want to gather feedback from your audience while they’re browsing your website? Intercom can improve your strategies and encourage leads to convert.

Intercom can also gather leads for you. This conversational chatbot can engage with your prospects when they visit your website and connect a human representative to converse with your prospects.

Frequently asked questions about B2B lead generation tools

Now that you know the best B2B lead generation tools you can use, let’s answer some of the burning questions you may have on these platforms:

What is B2B lead generation?

B2B lead generation is the process of identifying your prospects and cultivating their interest in your products and services. It uses different marketing strategies to encourage your prospects to convert as a lead and eventually purchase from you.

Why do B2B companies need lead generation tools?

Imagine a farmer harvesting crops without any equipment. That’s how B2B companies generate leads without using a tool.

B2B lead generation uses strategies different from business-to-consumer (B2C). With B2B lead generation tools, you can:

  • Gather customer insights: You’ll learn more about your customers’ industry, pain points, and needs. As a result, you can communicate better and improve your marketing strategies that appeal to your target audience.
  • Generate more qualified leads: Because you have a better idea of your target audience’s needs, you can refine your targeting and marketing messages that attract qualified leads.
  • Improved lead scoring and management: B2B lead generation tools can perform lead management tasks like prospecting and scoring, thus saving your team time.

What are the considerations when choosing a B2B lead generation tool?

When choosing a B2B lead generation tool, pick one your team finds intuitive. In addition, consider the following:

  • Integration: Does it integrate with your existing tools and martech stack?
  • Features: Can it perform the lead generation and lead management tasks you need and help you achieve your goals?
  • Price: Is it within your budget?

There are several lead generation platforms you can use. Some have more features than others. Before you pick a feature-packed tool for your business, consider your budget and the necessary features to achieve your goals.

Get started with B2B lead generation with the right tools

B2B lead generation tools are like reliable assistants for your team — they efficiently generate and nurture leads. If you need help getting started with lead generation and using B2B lead generation tools, consider teaming up with WebFX.

A full-service digital marketing agency with over 25 years of experience, we at WebFX have generated over 7.8 million qualified leads for our customers. We also have two of the best B2B lead generation tools you can use: MarketingCloudFX and Nutshell.

These two B2B lead generation tools can generate, nurture, and convert leads. In addition, they can provide you with insights about your customers and prospects so you can optimize your strategies.

Reach out to our strategist at 888-601-5359 or through our contact form to learn more about our B2B lead generation services!

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