15 AI Applications for Digital Marketers to Stay Competitive


Fun fact: The global market revenue forecast for artificial intelligence (AI) in marketing is $107 billion in 2028. That’s a massive leap from its $27.4 billion expected growth in 2023.

AI’s revenue and adoption have soared — for a reason. In marketing, AI applications enable teams to analyze large quantities of customer data to gain insights for improved ad targeting, personalization, and conversions.

Best AI Applications

  1. Alli AI — Best for on-page SEO
  2. Can I Rank — Best for competitor analysis
  3. Surfer SEO — Best for content creation for SEO
  4. ContentGeniusFX — Best for SEO content creation and analysis
  5. ChatGPT — Best for creating outlines for blog posts
  6. Grammarly — Best for content editing
  7. Pixlr — Best for photo editing
  8. Peech — Best for video editing
  9. Lately — Best for streamlining the social media post creation process
  10. Sprout Social — Best for social listening
  11. MarketingCloudFX — Best for tracking your marketing efforts’ ROI
  12. Tableau — Best for data visualization
  13. Lumin AI — Best for appointment scheduling
  14. Watson Assistant — Best for omnichannel service
  15. Ada — Best for multilingual customer support

Explore how AI applications can help marketers like you streamline your processes and improve your revenue with this blog post. We’ll go through these topics:

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What is an AI application?

Artificial intelligence (AI) application definition

An AI application is a tool or software that uses AI algorithms to perform tasks and solve problems it’s trained to do.

Various industries — including marketing, finance, and healthcare — can benefit from using AI applications, which can automate tasks and process vast amounts of data.

The benefits of AI applications in digital marketing

Among the U.S.-based marketers we recently surveyed, 50% said they use AI for their campaigns. The top benefit they cited from using AI is rapid data analysis.

Here are the other benefits of using AI applications in digital marketing:

  • Better understanding of your customers
  • Enhanced user experience and personalization
  • Better ad targeting
  • Improved lead generation campaigns
  • Optimized strategies

15 best AI applications for digital marketing

There are diverse AI applications for different digital marketing tasks. To make it easy for you to find one you need, we’ve categorized the best AI applications for marketing:

Let’s go through each one:

Best AI applications for SEO

Need help outranking your competitors in the search engine results pages (SERPs)? You can turn to these AI applications for SEO:

Let’s dive into each app:

1. Alli AI

Price: Starts at $249 per month — 10-day free trial available

Alli AI makes your team more efficient with its bulk on-page optimization and tag automation features. Its AI system can crawl your website and find lines of code you need to optimize. A code snippet installed in your site header lets you approve the suggested changes, so you don’t have to edit each page manually.

Writing meta tags, link descriptions, and image alt text becomes a breeze with Alli AI, which can automate these tasks for you.

2. Can I Rank

Price: Starts at $49 per month — free limited version available

Can I Rank is an AI application that gives you a report based on data from Moz, SEMRush, and Ahrefs. It analyzes various ranking factors and provides optimization recommendations.

In addition, its report shows you a heatmap that compares your website’s strengths and weaknesses with a competitor’s.

Looking for an all-in-one SEO audit tool? You’ve found it.

SEO Checker provides data on key metrics to give you:

  • Complete SEO score
  • Content Grade
  • Site Speed Analysis
  • and more.

3. SurferSEO

Price: Starts at $69 per month — free tools available

Need help streamlining your content creation process for SEO? Surfer SEO is an AI application that uses natural language processing (NLP) to research keywords and write optimized content for you.

Its handy feature Grow Flow gives you weekly task recommendations to improve your website’s ranking, such as internal linking suggestions.

AI applications for content marketing

About 45% of the marketing executives we surveyed use AI for content creation. Here are some of the AI apps you can integrate into your content marketing strategies:

4. ContentGeniusFX

Price: Bundled with MarketingCloudFX, which starts at $675

ContentGeniusFX is part of our proprietary marketing growth platform MarketingCloudFX. Powered by IBM Watson AI, ContentGeniusFX is a keyword research, SEO content creation, and analysis app that has helped our clients increase organic traffic by 10%.

It uses AI for keyword research and analysis of top-ranking pages related to your business so that you can include these keywords in your SEO copy. In addition, ContentGeniusFX also analyzes your competitors’ content and gives you recommendations on how to outrank them in the SERPs.

5. ChatGPT

Price: Free — ChatGPT Plus subscription costs $20 per month

One of the most popular — if not the most popular — AI applications is ChatGPT. ChatGPT has several uses for marketing. You can use it to:

  • Generate topic ideas for your business’s blog posts
  • Create outlines for your SEO pieces
  • Summarize articles for your research about a particular topic

You can also use ChatGPT plugins to boost the AI chatbot’s content marketing capabilities!

6. Grammarly

Price: Starts at $12 per month — free version available

Grammarly is a content editing tool. To ensure your blog post is free from grammatical errors or misspellings, run your content through this AI application. Grammarly also detects your writing’s tone, so you can edit your work to suit your brand before you publish.

In 2023, Grammarly launched GrammarlyGo, a generative AI communication assistant that can help you generate ideas, compose pieces, and rewrite your content to fit the tone you ask it to.

7. Pixlr

Price: Starts at $0.75 per month — free limited version available

Pixlr is an easy-to-use photo editing AI application. Its Photosmash feature uses AI to automatically select your image’s subject. You can remove or edit your photo’s background with a few clicks.

It also has an AI image generator feature that asks for a descriptive prompt (what you want it to generate) and a negative prompt (what you want Pixlr to remove or avoid).

Looking for other image editing tools? Check out our list of AI photo editors!

AI applications for social media marketing

Social media is an important marketing channel for brands to connect with their target audience. With 91% of businesses using social media for marketing, you must stay competitive. Here are some AI applications you can use to get ahead:

8. Peech

Price: Starts at $54 per month — Free limited plan available

Using NLP and AI, Peech can repurpose your videos — including conference footage — into new video content for your social media audience. This AI application can generate videos for your channels — from YouTube to Instagram.

9. Lately AI

Price: Starts at $99 per month — 7-day free trial available

Want to know what marketing messages encourage engagement among your target audience? Lately AI can analyze your social media content and determine which messaging resonates well with your audience.

If you have long-form content, let Lately slice it into bite-size social media posts that follow your brand’s tone.

10. Sprout Social

Price: Starts at $249 per month — 30-day free trial available

Say goodbye to manually performing social listening with Sprout Social. Using AI and automation, Sprout Social analyzes your incoming messages to identify the sentiment of your audience.

Sprout Social’s AI then provides recommended responses that you can edit.

AI applications for analytics

Data analysis is the top use case of AI among the marketers we surveyed. If you want to leverage AI to help you analyze vast amounts of data and provide you with valuable insights for your strategies, here are the best AI applications for marketing analytics:

11. MarketingCloudFX

Price: Starts at $675 for a full suite of features

MarketingCloudFX is our proprietary revenue marketing platform powered by IBM Watson. It can:

  • Track your marketing efforts’ return on investment (ROI) from online and offline sources
  • Monitor your website’s rankings
  • Evaluate your marketing campaigns’ performance
  • Create a unified profile of your site visitors, leads, and customers

As a result, MarketingCloudFX enables you to effectively provide a personalized experience for your customers, and drive more leads and sales. Having a unified profile of leads and site visitors has helped our customers achieve a 20% increase in ROI!

12. Tableau

Price: Starts at $15 per user per month — free trial available

Tableau is an AI analytics platform that enables users to analyze and visualize data. You can use data from various sources, including Google Analytics, so you can better understand your website traffic.

It also supports Salesforce, so you can use it to analyze your customer and lead data. Got data you manually added to Microsoft Excel from an offline event? Tableau can also process data from the popular spreadsheet app and even PDF.

AI applications for live chat or customer support

Did you know that 26% of business-to-business marketers in the U.S. using chatbots in their marketing efforts increased their lead generation volumes by 10-20%?

If you want to improve your audience’s experience with your business and effectively nurture them to conversion, consider using these AI applications for live chat:

13. Lumin AI

Price: Contact for pricing

Communicate with your customers when they’re available to chat — this is the promise of Lumin AI, making it an excellent appointment-scheduling tool.

Using AI, it lets your customers schedule and move appointments with you. Lumin AI then updates your calendar and customer relationship management (CRM) platform, and notifies you about any changes.

Lumin AI uses text messaging to converse with your customers at a time when they’re ready to chat.

14. Watson Assistant

Price: Free limited plan available — starts at $140

Watson Assistant is an AI application that aims to improve your customers’ experience with your business. A natural language AI chatbot, it can understand human conversations, find and give the best answers, and perform tasks requested by a user.

You can integrate it with your CRM so you can provide an omnichannel service, providing assistance across different channels and customer touchpoints.

15. Ada

Price: Contact Ada to get a quote

Ada is a multilingual chatbot that can resolve customer inquiries from multiple channels. It uses the company’s proprietary natural language understanding to personalize conversations.

In addition, Ada can anticipate a user’s next inquiry or move, so it can provide the most useful response!

FAQs on AI applications

Now that you know the best AI applications for marketing, let’s go through your burning questions on AI applications:

How do I find the best AI applications for my business?

There are a lot of AI applications for digital marketing. How do you pick one that best suits your business?

Start by identifying the gaps in your marketing processes. What do you need help with that an AI application can perform? Then, consider the following:

  • Features: Determine the AI application features that you require. For example, does your team need a hand with analyzing your lead and customer data? Or do you need help with content creation?
  • Price: Consider your budget when picking the AI application for your team. Some AI tools have free limited versions, while other apps offer free trial versions so you can test them before you subscribe.
  • Scalability: When picking an AI app or any marketing tool, consider the long-term. Consider the platform’s role when your business grows and changes. Can it process more data when you grow your customer base? Does it offer plans for when you scale your business?
  • Integration: Shortlist AI apps that you can integrate into your current workflow and martech stack. Is the AI application easy to use? If it requires some degree of programming, can your team do it?

What are the best practices for using AI applications?

If you want to get started with using AI applications, here are some best practices:

  • Define your goals: Set goals that align with your marketing goals to ensure that your efforts using your AI apps are helping you reach your business objectives.
  • Train your AI system with high-quality data: AI apps can only be as good as the data they’re trained on. Use high-quality data that is not disproportionate so that your AI app can make accurate predictions and recommendations free of bias.
  • Regularly audit your AI system and data: Think of an AI audit like a car’s periodic maintenance procedure — it keeps your AI system running smoothly. It also exposes future risks so you can proactively develop safeguarding strategies.
  • Always review your AI’s output: Whether you’re using AI for content marketing or analytics, review your AI’s output and fact-check when needed.
  • Exercise ethical use of AI: Use AI ethically. It is the right thing to do, and you will gain the trust of your customers when you do. Communicate with your customers how you’re using their data and give them the agency to opt in or out of your data collection.

We’re masters of our craft.

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Use AI applications to stay ahead of your competitors

There’s no doubt that AI is no longer just a science-fiction concept. It’s here, and marketers like you already use it to streamline their processes.

If you’re looking for the best AI applications for marketing and a partner to help you make the most out of your AI tools, consider teaming up with WebFX.

We’re a full-service digital marketing agency with over 25 years of experience. Our AI-powered platform, MarketingCloudFX, enables businesses to track which marketing efforts contribute to growth and measure their ROI. Our clients have seen 20% increase in ROI with our AI application!

In addition, our team of 500+ digital marketing experts is committed to providing excellent service to drive results that contribute to your business’s bottom-line growth.

Let’s get started. Contact us online or call us at 888-601-5359 to speak with a strategist about our AI services!

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