20 AI Prompt Examples for Marketers To Try

In an incredibly short span of time following its release, ChatGPT became one of the most popular tools out there, both among the general public and marketers. That hype is still going on, with buzz going around about how marketers can harness ChatGPT and other AI content generation tools.

Given all that buzz, you might be wondering how your company can harness these AI tools to help with your own marketing content. For that reason, we’ve come up with 20 AI prompt examples for marketers to use, as well as a few tips for creating your own prompts.

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3 tips for creating marketing AI prompts

Before we get into the specific examples on this page, let’s go over a few tips for writing the best marketing AI prompts. You’ll see each of these tips in action once we get to the examples.

1. Always give ChatGPT a general word count

Firstly, it’s a good idea to always give ChatGPT a general word count when you give it a prompt. That helps ensure that the result is the length you want. In certain cases, ChatGPT can tend to generate results that are much longer (or, occasionally, much shorter) than what you’re looking for, and this helps you avoid that.

The best way to do this is to start the prompt with a phrase like, “In less than 500 words…” or “Using between 100 and 200 words…” Of course, even then, ChatGPT will sometimes still outright ignore the word count you provide, and you’ll have to follow up your original prompt by asking ChatGPT to shorten its response.

2. Keep marketing AI prompts as concise as possible

Another way to improve your prompts is to keep them as simple and concise as you can. ChatGPT can handle big words, but complex syntax still sometimes confuses it. When possible, it’s best to phrase things as straightforwardly as possible, using as few clauses as you can.

So, don’t say this: “I want you to generate a piece of email copy that compels users to buy our new line of shirts, but I want you to do it in a way that sounds sort of fun and casual, and I want you to do it using less than 100 words in total.”

Instead, say this: “In less than 100 words, generate a marketing email that encourages users to buy a new line of shirts. Use a fun and casual tone.”

3. Don’t ask ChatGPT to generate new or creative ideas

Finally, don’t give ChatGPT any prompts where you ask it to be creative or come up with a new idea. Why? Because it can’t do it. ChatGPT works by pulling from what people have written online. While it won’t copy anything word for word, it will still copy ideas.

If you ask ChatGPT to come up with an original idea, one of two things will happen. Either it will produce something that doesn’t make any sense, or it will present an idea that it stole from an actual person somewhere online. In either case, you don’t want to rely on ChatGPT to be creative for you. That’s what human brains are for.

20 AI prompt examples for marketers

Now we can finally get to the AI prompts you came here for. We’ll walk through a few different categories, each of which will feature five examples.

The purpose of these examples is to give you a feel for the types of things you might say in your prompts, not to suggest that you should say these exact phrases. For instance, if you see an example that asks ChatGPT for pest control tips, you wouldn’t use that exact prompt if you work in manufacturing.

That said, here are 20 AI prompt examples for marketers!

ChatGPT prompts for research

One way you can use AI tools is to help you conduct surface-level research on a topic. Here are some examples of prompts you might use to research different subjects:

  1. “In less than 100 words, explain what the information technology industry does.”
  2. “List five examples of products that metal fabricators make.” 
  3. “What are the benefits of using influencer marketing?”
  4. “Give me a list of five effective digital marketing strategies businesses should use.”
  5. “How do enterprise resource platforms work? Explain in 200 words or less.”

ChatGPT prompts for article outlines

As you may have heard before, using ChatGPT to write a full article for you isn’t a smart move. However, ChatGPT can be useful for generating simple article outlines, which you can then use to write the pages yourself. 

Here are some ChatGPT prompts you might use for content outline generation:

  1. “Generate an outline for a blog post called “Best Pest Control Tips.” Include an introduction, 10 tips, and a conclusion.”
  2. “In less than 200 words, create an outline for an article that explains the benefits of hiring a financial consulting company.”
  3. “Write an outline for a 3-minute video about how to build a birdhouse.”
  4. “Generate an outline for a page that explains (your company)’s services.”
  5. “Write an outline for an article called “What Does Finance Software Do?”

ChatGPT prompts for social media

It’s not just blog posts and articles that AI can help you write content for — it can handle social media as well. Of course, it’s important to note that you shouldn’t just copy and paste whatever ChatGPT gives you. Rather, the responses to these prompts can give you a starting point for your posts:

  1. “In less than 50 words, write a short Instagram post that advertises the new blender from (your company).”
  2. “Create a Twitter post that promotes a special 50% off sale on (your company)’s shirts for the month of August.”
  3. “Write a Facebook post that promotes a new vacuum cleaner product. Use a casual but professional tone.”
  4. “Write a LinkedIn post celebrating how (your company) helped generate (amount of money) for their clients in the past year. Use a formal tone and limit the post to 100 words or less.”
  5. “Write a fun social media post that encourages people to buy (your company)’s line of Christmas sweaters this December.”

ChatGPT prompts for email marketing

Finally, we have some prompts for marketing emails. Just like with social media, you don’t want to copy and paste the responses you get for these, but they can give you a basic template to work with.

  1. “Write an email subject line that promotes a 25% discount on shoes at (your company).”
  2. “Draft an email between 50 and 100 words that advertises (your company)’s manufacturing services.”
  3. “Write an email that encourages parents to shop at (your company) for their kids’ school supplies this August. Do it in less than 100 words.”
  4. “Generate an outline for an email newsletter for (your company). Make it between 300 and 400 words long.”
  5. “In less than 100 words, create an email that promotes a new line of phone cases in a fun and casual voice.”

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