5 new YouTube features coming soon to help creators

YouTube has unveiled a bunch of new tools set to be rolled out in the coming months.

Speaking at its Made on YouTube event, the platform revealed five upcoming features designed to help creators make content more easily.

Here’s a recap of what it’s in store.

1. Dream Screen

YouTube is launching an experimental new feature that enables content creators to easily add AI-generated video or image backgrounds to YouTube Shorts.

Simply input your idea into a prompt, and let the AI do its magic while you sit back and watch the results.

2. YouTube Create

The platform is launching a new mobile app called YouTube Create to help make video creation easier. With this app, you can make Shorts or longer videos, edit, add soundtracks, captions, and more — all right from your mobile phone.

The feature is completely free but is currently still in beta for Android in select markets.

3. AI Insights

YouTube is introducing a new feature called AI Insights that generates suggestions based on what your YouTube audience is already viewing, to help inspire your next idea.

Early testing shows that more than 70% of those surveyed found the tool valuable for brainstorming and testing video concepts.

4. Aloud

YouTube has a worldwide audience, so it is introducing an AI-powered dubbing tool to assist creators in making their content accessible to viewers across the globe.

5. Assistive Search in Creator Music

Content creators will be able to use assistive search to discover the perfect soundtrack for your video. Simply type in a description of your content, and AI will recommend the ideal music at a suitable price point.

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Why we care. Staying in the loop with the latest tools and features from YouTube can be a game-changer. They might just make your work easier, save you valuable time, and give your campaigns a performance boost.

Deep dive. Read YouTube’s announcement in full for more information.

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