6 Best Wireframe Tools for Web Designers and Developers


Wireframing is a critical step in the web design and development process. Think of it as the first step that sets the stage for a well-designed website that drives qualified traffic and converts site visitors.

The task of wireframing takes time, though. Enter the best wireframe tools, your design team’s lifesaver that makes the web design process efficient.

Key Takeaways: The Best Wireframe Tools

  1. Figma – Best free mid-fidelity wireframing tool
  2. Sketch – Best wireframing tool for collaboration
  3. Moqups – Best wireframe tool for beginners
  4. UXPin – Best wireframing tool for handoff
  5. Justinmind – Best for creating interactive wireframes and clickable prototypes
  6. Mockflow – Best wireframe tool with security features

This blog post will discuss the best wireframe tools and what to look for in a wireframe tool so you can pick one that suits your needs.

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The best wireframing tools

We’ve shortlisted the best wireframing tools web design teams can use and summarized them in the table below. We’ll cover free and paid options you can use.

Let’s dive into each tool:

1. Figma

Price: Starts at $12 per editor per month

Figma is a collaborative wireframing tool designers and teams can use to design user interfaces, user experiences, and prototypes.

Whether you’re an individual designer or working with a team, you can use Figma to collaborate with other team members. When used with FigJam, the company’s online whiteboard tool, design and development teams can brainstorm and map user flows side-by-side with their wireframes.

It also now features Dev Mode, which can help developers translate designs into code faster. This feature lets you easily find details and specs to start the development process.

2. Sketch

Price: Starts at $10 per user per month (30-day free trial available)

Sketch is a vector design tool for Mac users. It also has a web-based app that enables other users to browse, comment on, and handoff a design.

Sketch’s intuitive interface enables designers to create wireframes and icon vector designs. Its Sketch Assistants feature checks your designs based on a set of rules and informs you when it spots inconsistencies.

Sketch also has free developer handoff tools. Your developer can get the information they need for a design anytime.

3. Moqups

Price: Starts at $13 per user per month

If you’re looking for free wireframe tools for web design, consider Moqups. This beginner user-friendly app enables you to create wireframes and design user interfaces for websites and mobile apps. A free, limited plan allows those just starting to work on up to two projects.

Moqups has over 100+ templates of wireframes, diagrams, graphs, user flows, and frameworks that you can customize.

4. UXPin

Price: Starts at $29 per editor per month

If you’re looking for wireframing tools that support a slightly higher-fidelity layout or a wireframe that almost looks and feels like the product in its advanced stages, check out UXPin.

UXPin has a built-in library of user interface elements that you can drag and drop. It also supports interactive wireframes and design flows.

This wireframing tool simplifies the design handoff process by automatically generating a style guide that keeps and syncs a master list of all your design’s colors, fonts, and assets. As a result, it’s easy to keep your design consistent throughout the process.

5. Justinmind

Price: Starts at $9 per editor per month

Are you looking for a wireframing tool that enables you to test your designs early on? Justinmind lets you create a clickable prototype and perform functional simulations with prototype elements like text inputs and dropdowns.

This wireframe tool creates user interface components and template groups, so you can reuse them when needed and stay consistent throughout your design.

6. Mockflow

Price: Starts at $14 per editor per month

Mockflow is an intuitive wireframing tool that lets you create a design and share with your team in real-time. It has hundreds of components and over a thousand templates that you can drag, drop, and stylize.

This wireframing tool also has artificial intelligence (AI) tools to create content and images you can add into your designs. Mockflow takes security seriously, offering single sign-on/security access markup language (SSO/SAML) support. Secure sockets layer (SSL) security is even available in its free plan.

FAQs about wireframing tools

Now that we’ve discussed the best wireframe tools you can use, let’s go through some of the common questions surrounding these apps:

What is a wireframe tool?

A wireframe tool is a software or app that enables you to create a mockup of your website design’s layout using built-in elements.

What should I look for in a wireframe tool?

You have several wireframe tool options available — some of them are even free! Here are some guiding questions to help you choose:

  • Is the tool user-friendly?
  • Will the different members of my team be comfortable using it?
  • Does it integrate with my existing tools?
  • How much is our budget for a wireframing tool?
  • Will we need other features in the future as the business scales, and does the tool have the features?
  • Will it be easy to use the tool to collaborate, give feedback, and handoff?
  • Can the tool export the wireframe to a file format that our team needs?

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Ready to start looking for the best wireframe tool?

Choosing the best wireframe tool for your needs is a crucial decision that will impact your website or app’s design process. While there are several options in the market, it’s essential to identify your needs, your team’s capability to use them, and the tools’ capabilities and intuitiveness.

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