6 Reasons Site Visitors Don’t Convert

After you go through the work to get someone on your site, you want to make sure they stay, look around, and make a purchase or complete some desired action. However, you can’t be sure that every user will follow through and become a customer.


There are several reasons site visitors don’t convert. This page will break down the top six:

  1. They don’t understand what steps to take
  2. Your website is hard to navigate
  3. They don’t trust your site or company
  4. It’s not clear how your product benefits them
  5. They have no one to answer their questions
  6. You’re targeting the wrong users

Keep reading to learn more about each reason and how to convert visitors with specific steps!

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1. They don’t understand what steps to take

Your website not converting could happen from user error or confusion. Users won’t convert on your site if they don’t know what steps to take. That’s why having clear calls to action (CTAs) is essential for telling users what to do next.

Let’s say someone lands on your site from a paid advertisement. They read about your product, but there is no link or button telling them what to do next. They will likely give up and go find another business.

While transitioning from a lead to a customer may seem intuitive to you, your visitors need more help.

How To Fix

  • Use clear CTAs that tell visitors what the next step is to move forward with your company

2. Your website is hard to navigate

If you have a website, you’ve likely asked yourself, “why am I getting clicks but no conversions?” But if you’re getting traffic, that’s a great first step!

Website navigation is essential for helping your customers explore other pages once they find you. If users go to a new page and can’t get back, or if they want to find a certain topic and can’t, they’ll bounce. Clear navigation will keep that from happening.

The way you present your navigation should match the layout of your website, but most companies use a navigation bar at the top of every page:

This tool tells them where to find certain pages and helps them move throughout your site.

How To Fix

  • Use a clear navigation system that guides users through your website and sales funnel

3. They don’t trust your site or company

Users don’t want to look through a bunch of ads or stay long on an unprotected site. Many times, their browsers will tell them that your site is unprotected, which will encourage them to find another option.

Using an SSL certificate will keep your website secure. An SSL certificate is a digital proof that authenticates your website’s identity and enables a secure connection:

Along with keeping your site secure, you should inform them about your company to build trust — that’s how to convert visitors and grow your reputation. Tell them who you are, what your mission is, and what your values are to prove your legitimacy and encourage them to browse.

How To Fix

  • Make your site secure and give more information about your company throughout your copy

4. It’s not clear how your product benefits them

As a business, it’s your job to tell users how you can make their life better. Your product and service benefits are crucial for showing why they should spend their money with you.

Benefits and features aren’t the same thing. You might list out the following features on your product or service pages:

  • Product dimensions
  • Service specifications
  • Purchasing details

However, these don’t explain what the user gets out of your product, which could lead to your website not converting. So, be sure to talk about the benefits of your products or services as well. Some example benefits include:

  • The product reduces costs
  • Users can save time while using your service
  • Your service prevents further issues in the future

How To Fix

  • Clearly state all the features and benefits that your product or service offers

5. They have no one to answer their questions

Your product pages might leave room for questions. What happens if they want to learn more, and you have slow response times? You’ll miss out on a conversion.

Including a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section can help you give customers more specific information without requiring you to be personally available 24/7:

Chatbots are another option to help you get more conversions without manual responses:

If users want more information on your product before they convert, they can get quick answers from a chatbot and purchase immediately. Chatbots also increase engagement and satisfaction, which can lead to customers choosing you over your competitors.

How To Fix

  • Implement a customer support operation that gives users access to help whenever they need it

6. You’re targeting the wrong users

Finally, if your content doesn’t speak to your website visitors, they won’t convert. Users are looking for specific information, products, and services when they browse online — if you aren’t a good match, they won’t bite.

For this, you need to make sure your site is appearing to the right people. Understanding your target audience can help you boost conversions and reduce marketing resource waste.

How To Fix

  • Research your target audience and create buyer personas to make sure your marketing materials target the right users

Want help turning site visitors into customers?

Getting site visitors to purchase from your site takes time. Above all, you must understand your audience and adjust your website to naturally drive conversions. That’s where working with a digital marketing agency can make all the difference!

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