9 Best ChatGPT Alternatives for Businesses

If there’s one tool that’s swept the business world off its feet in the last few years, it’s ChatGPT. In 2022, the release of this generative artificial intelligence (AI) tool caught the interest not only of businesses, but of regular consumers. Everyone was captivated by the way ChatGPT could generate human-sounding text.

But maybe as you’ve tried to use ChatGPT for your business, you’ve run into issues. Perhaps you’re frustrated that its knowledge cuts off at 2021 or that it sometimes runs slower because so many people are accessing the server.

If you’re searching for alternative AI tools, you’re in the right place. On this list, we’ll cover nine different ChatGPT alternatives for you to consider, including:

  1. Microsoft Bing Chat
  2. Copy AI
  3. Jasper AI
  4. Google Bard
  5. Claude
  6. LLaMA
  7. Team AI
  8. Poe AI
  9. Build your own

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Tools that use GPT

Something to understand about generative AI is that there’s a difference between an AI tool and an AI model. ChatGPT is an example of an AI tool. But the large language model (LLM) that it runs on is GPT-3.5, a version of the broader GPT model developed by OpenAI.

Maybe you’re looking for a different AI tool that still uses the GPT model, or maybe you want a different LLM altogether. On this list, we’ll cover some options in both of those categories, beginning with three ChatGPT alternatives that still use GPT.

1. Microsoft Bing Chat

Price: Free

Microsoft Bing Chat is one of the most prominent ChatGPT alternatives out there, harnessing the GPT-4 model to run the tool. It’s not surprising that Microsoft opted to use this LLM, considering that it’s one of the lead investors in OpenAI.

This tool can do all the same things ChatGPT can, just in a slightly different format. However, one standout difference is that Bing Chat has access to current events, which ChatGPT lacks.

2. Copy AI

Price: Free, or $36+ per month for an upgraded plan

Copy AI is another straightforward generative AI tool that relies on GPT-3. In addition to a regular chat feature, it also offers templates for things like blog posts and other content types. It’s great for getting answers to questions and for assisting with content generation.

You get up to 2000 words with the free plan, but upgrading to the paid plan — which costs upward of $36 per month — allows you access to an unlimited word count.

3. Jasper AI

Price: $39+ per month

Jasper is possibly the most comprehensive tool on this list. That’s the reason for the steep price compared to the other AI tools on this list — it has a lot to offer, and it knows it.

With Jasper, you not only get a chat feature and a copywriting assistant, but also an image generation tool. It offers a wide variety of content templates, and you can even train it to mimic your unique brand voice. Given all those features, some businesses may find it well worth the price.

Tools that use other LLMs

Now that we’ve checked out some alternative AI tools that still harness OpenAI’s GPT model, let’s look at some platforms that use alternative AI models. These are tools that differ the most from ChatGPT, since the base LLM is different.

4. Google Bard

Price: Free

One of ChatGPT’s main competitors is Google Bard. As the name implies, this tool is run by Google, and it uses the PaLM 2 Bison model.

There’s no feature that stands out as different from ChatGPT other than the overall format. For all intents and purposes, Google Bard is an alternate version of Bing Chat, just as Google and Bing are alternate versions of one another.

5. Claude

Price: Free

Claude is a generative AI tool offered by Anthropic. Like most of the other AI tools on this list, it’s entirely free to use. The tool runs on the LLM of the same name, and it has access to more recent info, making it more up to date.

Claude can also read multiple files at once, which is a weak point for ChatGPT. Plus, many users find that Claude has faster response times, making it less of a hassle to use.

6. LLaMA

Price: Free

LLaMA is the name of an AI model developed and offered by Meta. Unlike the other AI tools on this list, LLaMA isn’t an AI platform that runs on an LLM — it’s the LLM itself. It’s not like ChatGPT, where you visit a particular web page and you can start using it. Instead, you must download the LLaMA model itself.

If that’s too much of a hassle for you, LLaMA might not be the right choice. However, downloading the model itself allows you to integrate it more easily with other technology at your business.

Tools that use multiple LLMs

Not every AI tool runs on a single LLM. Some incorporate multiple LLMs, meaning you can use those tools to test out various alternative AI models for yourself. We’ll look at two of those tools below.

7. Team AI

Price: Free, or custom pricing for an upgraded plan

Team AI (formerly ChatABC) is a platform offered by WebFX. As mentioned above, it’s model-agnostic, which means it offers several different LLM options. Those options include:

  • GPT-3.5
  • GPT-4
  • PaLM 2 Bison
  • Claude

As time goes on, TeamAI will continue to explore different AI options and add other models as they arise. So, if Bison becomes the best LLM tomorrow, you won’t have to worry about switching tools.

That means that with TeamAI, you won’t even have to worry about which model you choose, because you can use several of them!

8. Poe AI

Price: Free, or $20 per month for an upgraded plan

Poe AI essentially does the same thing as TeamAI, offering several different LLMs on a single platform. Like TeamAI, it’s free, but it also offers a paid subscription plan for $20 per month (the same as a monthly subscription to ChatGPT Plus).

The LLMs offered on Poe are largely the same as on TeamAI, including GPT-4 and PaLM 2.

Other alternatives

Finally, there’s one last option you have apart from all the above platforms.

9. Build your own

Price: Varies

Some businesses approach generative AI with a very specific set of needs. For those businesses, it can be beneficial to simply build their own AI platform on top of an existing LLM.

However, this isn’t the most feasible option for most companies. It’s only a good option for some large enterprises. If that doesn’t describe you, it’s better to stick with one of the existing alternative AI tools on this list.

“(Building your own AI tool is) a great option for some enterprises with specific needs, but ultimately not worth it if you’re not able to continually devote ongoing developer time and keep up with the latest developments.”

Chris Varner
Results Innovation Lead Consultant at WebFX

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