9 Best Sales Prospecting Tools for Your Business

Sales prospecting is the process of searching for, identifying, and contacting potential new customers for your business. This process is particularly useful to business-to-business (B2B) companies, as it helps them maintain a steady stream of new clients to drive revenue.

But trying to develop a sales prospecting strategy without any digital tools to help you is a bad idea. You need some sales prospecting tools in your arsenal to help you identify potential opportunities and direct your sales efforts at the right people.

Which sales prospecting platform (or platforms) should you use, though? That’s just what we’re here to answer. Here are nine of the best sales prospecting software options available:

  1. Leadfeeder
  2. LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  3. Vainu
  4. Capterra
  5. Owler Max
  6. ZoomInfo
  7. Reply.io
  8. Hunter
  9. Overloop

Keep reading to learn more. You can also check out this sales funnel video:


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1. Leadfeeder

Price: $79+ per month (free version available)

One of the top sales prospecting tools is Leadfeeder. Leadfeeder takes the approach of tracking visitors to your website so you can see which companies already show an interest in your business. It can also score your prospects based on their website activity, helping you prioritize the right ones.

Leadfeeder also lets you select specific companies you’re most interested in. When those companies visit your site, Leadfeeder will send you an email notification to let you know. Furthermore, Leadfeeder integrates with multiple customer relationship management (CRM) platforms.

2. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Price: Available upon request

LinkedIn Sales Navigator tracks sales prospects exactly where you’d expect it to — LinkedIn. That’s great because of how B2B-friendly LinkedIn is. You can find businesses there and the decision-makers who work at those businesses.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator lets you search for prospects using filters for companies, job titles, and more. It then lets you reach out directly to those prospects through LinkedIn Mail. It can provide a plethora of information about each of those prospects, too.

3. Vainu

Price: $7217 per year (free version available)

Vainu takes a different approach from the previous two sales prospecting platforms. Instead of helping you search for prospects on other sites, it provides an already-compiled B2B contact database that you can search through. Each company profile contains contact info that you can use to reach them.

Furthermore, Vainu includes artificial intelligence (AI) that helps you identify prospects and opportunities. It’s an incredibly simple platform to use, and it integrates with many other tools.

4. Capterra

Price: Free

Unlike the other tools on this list, Capterra isn’t intended to be used for sales prospecting. Instead, it’s a website that lets you search for and compare different software and service provider companies. It’s supposed to be used to find companies that you will buy from, not the other way around.

However, as a free database of thousands of companies, it can also be a great resource for sales prospecting. If software providers are one of the types of companies you sell to, you can use Capterra to search for different options and identify the ones you think would be good to market to.

5. Owler Max

Price: $35+ per month (free plan available)

Another of the best tools for sales prospecting is Owler Max. Owler is a bit like Vainu in that it provides a database of business profiles, each of which features plenty of detailed information. On top of that, Owler can give you news updates related to companies you’ve shown interest in.

Some of the info you can view on different companies includes:

  • Company size
  • Funding history
  • Recent acquisitions
  • Key executives
  • And more!

6. ZoomInfo

Price: Available upon request (free plan available)

ZoomInfo is the sales prospecting software to use if you want to harness lead lists — that is, if you already have lists of leads that you want to target, and it’s simply a matter of figuring out which people to contact at those organizations and tracking down their info.

ZoomInfo provides a large database of companies, like some of the other tools on this list. Unlike some of the other tools, though, ZoomInfo doesn’t just let you search for companies — it also lets you search for decision-makers at those companies and obtain their contact info.

7. Reply.io

Price: $60+ per month

As you’ll remember from the beginning of this page, sales prospecting isn’t just about finding prospects — it’s also about contacting them. That’s where Reply.io comes in. Reply doesn’t stop at helping you identify prospects (though it does help with that). It puts most of its focus on reaching out to those prospects.

You can use Reply to automate email campaigns, converse with the prospects that respond, and more. Reply also uses AI to recommend specific ways of engaging your prospects based on their activity.

8. Hunter

Price: $49+ per month (free version available)

Hunter is a sales prospecting software option that helps you find email addresses for your leads. Maybe you have the name of a specific decision-maker, or even the name of the company, but you don’t know how to contact them. Hunter lets you put in what information you have, and then it returns an email address you can use.

It also gives you a confidence score with each email address to indicate how confident it is that the address is accurate. That means you don’t have to feel uncertain about the accuracy of Hunter’s results.

9. Overloop

Price: $99+ per user per month

The last of the tools for sales prospecting on this list is Overloop. Overloop, like Hunter, exists to help you find email addresses for your leads and prospects. Its email lookup feature isn’t quite as advanced as Hunter’s, but it makes up for it with other features, including:

  • Sales forecasting
  • Email automation
  • Native CRM integration
  • Google Chrome extension
  • And more!

WebFX can help you optimize your sales prospecting

Whatever sales prospecting tools you end up choosing, you’ll then have to figure out how to use those tools to effectively find prospects and leads you can sell to. That’s where the real challenge begins. Thankfully, WebFX is here to walk you through it.

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