9 Stellar Confirmation Email Examples to Inspire You

Email marketing is a pretty big part of most companies’ digital marketing strategies, and for good reason. It allows you to reach your target audience right in their inboxes, and in most cases, people sign up for your emails voluntarily, so they want to hear from you.

But not every email is a sales email. There are numerous types of emails you can send out to keep in touch with your audience, one of which is the oft-overlooked confirmation email. On this page, we’ll cover nine great confirmation email examples to help you see some best practices for writing them.

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1. Recess

The first example confirmation email on our list comes from Recess. This email stands out for a simple reason: It’s appealing. To start, the design is simplistic, and the color scheme is attractive — that makes it nice to look at. Plus, it uses humor (“we released the carrier pigeons”) to add additional appeal.

Both of these tactics are great at drawing users in. Needless to say, making your emails appealing isn’t limited to confirmation emails. All of your marketing emails should do this. Still, it’s important to keep in mind.

2. Lucid Fox

Another of the best examples of confirmation emails comes from Lucid Fox. When you look at this email, you may notice after a moment that there’s nothing to click. No links, no buttons, nothing (other than the standard “unsubscribe” link at the very bottom). Just an image and a short text blurb letting the recipient know they’re good to go.

This isn’t the right choice for every confirmation email, of course (as we’ll see in a moment). But for emails like this one, where all it’s doing is confirming that the recipient doesn’t need to do anything else, it works. Avoiding links and buttons helps drive home the message that the user can kick back and relax — no need to click anything.

3. Confetti

Next on our list of confirmation email examples is an email from Confetti. In contrast to the previous example, this email does contain a button — a very prominent one. In fact, that’s the standout feature of this email.

The entire email is very minimalistic, and it’s all built around a single, central call to action (CTA). That CTA is where your eye is immediately drawn. This email does a fantastic job of making it crystal clear where you should click and what you should do.

4. Paramount+

At first glance, this email from Paramount+ appears to be doing the same thing as the Confetti email. And in a broad sense, it is — it’s built around a single CTA button users can click. However, whereas the Confetti CTA simply lets users confirm their email address, this CTA button leads users right to the streaming platform to start watching.

This is a great example of a confirmation email where you don’t want to take the Lucid Fox approach of avoiding links and buttons. If you do that here, users may not end up even using your product or service. But by including a button they can click to go directly to your site or app, you ensure that they’ll keep engaging with you.

5. Paddywax

Another example confirmation email comes from Paddywax. This email confirms a product purchase, so it does something very helpful — it includes information on the products that the recipient purchased. That way, if the order gets processed wrong, the user will immediately see that.

For example, maybe the user ordered an additional item that somehow didn’t get processed. If they don’t see it listed in the email, they’ll realize that something went wrong, and they can address it.

Plus, though it’s cut off in the image above, the email also has a button that allows the recipient to track their package as it’s delivered to them.

6. Tradewinds Hotel

Tradewinds Hotel is another of the best examples of confirmation emails. This email does something similar to the one from Paddywax by including details of the hotel booking that the recipient made. This is really helpful because it gives the user a handy way to double-check those details prior to the date they booked.

The email also provides additional information underneath the booking details to inform the recipient of what they’ll have access to at the hotel.

7. Everlywell

A confirmation email example from Everlywell shows the importance of providing value to customers even after confirming their purchase. In this email, Everlywell starts by confirming the recipient’s new membership, but then provides other helpful info about their membership status.

That info includes a step-by-step process outlining the new member’s next steps. Though it’s cut off in the image above, the email also provides different buttons leading to additional resources on the Everlywell website or app.

8. Google

While most of the emails on this list might be new to your eyes, this one probably isn’t. Almost everyone with a Gmail account has probably received some variation on this email at some point. Google sends it out whenever someone logs into their Gmail account on a new device.

The purpose of this email is to verify that the account owner is the one who logged in, and not someone who got ahold of their login info and hacked into their account. This type of security confirmation email is great for helping keep users’ accounts in their hands. Even if it was the actual user who logged in, it’s nice for them to know that Google is keeping their account secure.

If your business uses any type of account-based system requiring users to log in, you may want to consider a similar approach to security confirmation emails.

9. OpenTable

Last on our list of confirmation email examples is this email from OpenTable. While most of the examples of confirmation emails on this list are intended to confirm the beginning of an order or subscription, this one confirms the end of one.

Cancellation confirmation emails are just as important to send out, because if you don’t, users might get worried that you didn’t process the cancellation. Quickly confirming the cancellation puts their minds at ease. Plus, it’s an opportunity to do what this email did, which is inserting a CTA encouraging the recipient to “Book a new table” to replace the one they canceled.

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