Bing Chat now works on Chrome, Google’s browser

Bing Chat now works in Chrome, Google’s web browser. Microsoft initially launched Bing Chat to work only on its own browser, Edge. Then Microsoft began testing Bing Chat support on other browsers, such as Chrome and Safari, but it was not fully available to all users.

Chrome support for Bing Chat. Mikhail Parakhin, the CEO of Bing, wrote on X last week that Bing Chat now works for 100% of Chrome. “Chrome is shipped a 100%,” Mikhail Parakhin wrote.

Here is Bing Chat working for me on Chrome on my Mac:

Safari support coming soon. While some are able to also access Bing Chat on Safari, Apple’s browser, it is just a limited test right now. “Working on Safari, hopefully will release soon,” Mikhail Parakhin added.

Why we care. Bing is expanding access to Bing Chat across more and more browsers. That should give more people access to try out and potentially adopt Bing Chat for more searches in the future.

If you were holding out using Bing Chat because of the required Edge browser support, now you can try it on Chrome.

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