Google Ads to sunset Enhanced CPC on Shopping campaigns

Google Ads Shopping campaigns will no longer use Enhanced cost-per-click (eCPC) starting in October.

Instead, Shopping campaigns using eCPC will behave as though they are using Manual CPC bidding, according to an email Google sent advertisers.

Why we care. It’s important to stay up-to-date with changes Google is implementing, especially just ahead of Q4 and the holiday shopping season. Google says switching to Manual CPC bidding will give you more control over bids and budgets, which could be advantageous. However, this process requires more time and attention to manage.

Why now? Google explained that it is adopting more advanced strategies and campaigns as its technology improves.

  • Google pointed out that eCPC was launched more than 10 years ago, and new strategies, such as target ROAS, Maximise conversion value and fully automated campaigns like Performance Max, can help you achieve the same or better results.

Next steps. If you are using eCPC, Google recommends taking the following actions:

  • In your Standard Shopping campaigns, try the one-click Target ROAS experiments for Shopping, which you can find in your campaign settings.
  • Alternatively, you can trial Google Ads’ newest fully automated solution, Performance Max campaigns.

If, on the other hand, you decide not to take any action by October, your campaign will simply continue operating as it is using Manual CPC bidding.

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Deep dive. For more information or if you have any questions about the upcoming change, you can reach out to your account team or contact the Google Ads team at any time.

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