Google to block Bard’s shared chats from showing in Google Search

Google will soon block Bard’s shared conversations from appearing in Google Search. Google Bard recently came out with shared conversations that let users publicly share the chats they had with Bard. Soon after Google Search started to discover those URLs, crawl them, and index them.

The issue. Gagan Ghotra posted on X a screenshot showing how a site command for returned results from Bard. Those results were shared conversations. Here is a screenshot of Bard showing up in the Google Search index:

Google will block Bard results from Google Search. I asked Google’s Search Liason, Danny Sullivan, about this and he responded on X saying, “Bard allows people to share chats, if they choose. We also don’t intend for these shared chats to be indexed by Google Search. We’re working on blocking them from being indexed now.”

Google will soon remove Bard’s shared conversations from showing in Google Search.

Why we care. So if you see Bard’s shared conversations showing up in Google Search, don’t fret it, they should go away in the coming days. Google said it does not want them to show up in Google Search’s index and they are working on blocking them now.

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