How to Scale Up Content Marketing

In this video, Dylan from our Earned Media team will talk about how to scale up content marketing on your website. Keep reading to learn more!


Content scaling is a process where you grow your content strategy by increasing both content quantity and quality. When done properly, you can eat up all that great online market share, dominate the search results, and drive more qualified leads to your business. The TLDR? You should be using content scaling to grow your business.

Let me share some tips for actually scaling content at your company.

1. Expand your content team

When you have more content creators, like writers, graphic designers, photographers, or videographers, you’ll have more capacity to create content.

That’s far more effective than simply giving more content to the same amount of people. You’re just gonna end up overwhelming them, and they may start to turn in low-quality content to keep up with the demands.

2. Outsource your content creation

I understand that not every business wants to hire a bunch of new content creators. Onboarding new people takes time and effort.

If bringing people aboard isn’t an option for you, consider hiring a professional marketing agency to help create your content.

An agency will have dedicated teams staffed with experienced, professional content producers who can create whatever you need to meet your audience’s needs. And they’ll often bring their industry experience to the table, leading to an even richer content experience for your audience.

With an outsourced strategy, you’re free to knock out all of the projects you can dream up.

3. Create consistent processes for your content team

Using a project management tool can really help with this, since you can easily assign specific jobs to certain creators and lay out the stages that each piece should go through. Your stages might include things like writing, editing, and publishing.

You can also create a style guide to make sure all of your content follows the same format and branding.

4. Get an assist from AI content tools

Do not replace your entire content team with AI tools. That’s not the purpose of this tip.

We just want you to know that there are tools out there that can make it easier for your content creators to do their jobs. AI-powered grammar tools can polish up your copy and help your team nail your brand voice. Generative AI tools can serve up a big dose of inspiration for your content.

AI analysis tools can make competitor and topic research a breeze. You can even speed up video and photo editing with AI. So, don’t be afraid of bringing AI into your toolbox. Just don’t blindly accept whatever results you get and pass them off as your own. Using AI as an assistant can really make a difference when you’re scaling up content marketing.

5. Use content templates

What do I mean by “templates”? Here’s a good example: If you publish how-to articles all the time, don’t make your team members spend half an hour creating a new page for each post.

Just create a post template in your content management system where your people can plug in the copy, photos, videos, etc., and hit “publish.” That’ll speed things up a ton and help you avoid wasting more time than necessary on the publishing process.

For images and videos, you can have a template in your creation software that’s fully loaded with your ideal settings, logos, colors, designs, and anything else you need in the process. It can save you hours of work.

6. Create a content calendar

This means you schedule certain pieces of content to be created and published at specific times. In a project management tool, you can typically set up your calendar, add due dates, and include any necessary details your content creators need to succeed.

Using a calendar will help you pump out your quality content on a consistent schedule. That way, anyone keeping up with your blog, YouTube channel, or wherever it is will know when to expect new content.

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And those are the basics of scaling up your content marketing. If you’re interested in learning more about content creation— or digital marketing in general — be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel. You can also subscribe to our email newsletter, Revenue Weekly for industry-leading digital marketing insights twice per month.

Thanks so much for watching, content creators! See you in the next one!

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