The Only Marketing Calendar You’ll Need in 2024 (Packed with Ideas + Free Template!)

Planning your marketing for the whole year can feel daunting. But, creating a marketing calendar can help you organize your planning and stay on track to meet your goals.

Whether you’re feeling stuck when it comes to creative marketing ideas, you’re not sure where to start, or you just want a few tips to round out your marketing plan, we’ve got you covered.

In this post, we’ll be sharing:

  • Monthly marketing calendar templates
  • Marketing promotion ideas to make each month a success
  • Social post ideas for each month

We’ll also be sharing relevant hashtags to keep you #trending all year long.

Let’s get started.

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Table of contents

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January 2024

In the first month of the year, make a splash with these ideas by adding them to your 2024 marketing calendar.

January marketing and promotion ideas

  • Run a 24% off sale to celebrate the year 2024.
  • Make New Year’s resolutions for your business, and if applicable, share them with your customers on social media or through email marketing. (Get more New Year’s social media post ideas here!)
  • Host or attend a blood drive as a company–January is National Blood Drive Month.
  • Write a holiday or year-end round-up post for your company blog or social sites–include pictures of how you and your team celebrated.
  • Check on your local PPC ads to make sure you’re bidding for the right keywords to start off 2024 strong. (Or get started running local PPC if you’re not already!)

January social media calendar ideas

Here are some key January social media holidays and observances plus January hashtags to incorporate into your 2024 social media marketing calendar.

Jan 13: Make Your Dream Come True Day

Share how you or one of your team members has had a dream come true – whether it’s a goal you reached, a milestone you celebrated, or a trip to Disneyland! Ask your audience what dream they want to come true this year. #dreamcometrue

Jan 15: Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Celebrate this day by sharing your favorite Martin Luther King Jr. quote and asking your audience to share theirs. #MLKDay

Jan 24: National Compliment Day

Share the love with other businesses in your community! Post a comment on another local business’s Instagram or Facebook page giving them a compliment. #nationalcomplimentday

Get a full list of 400+ social media holidays for every month of the year here!

February 2024

Don’t skimp out on the shortest month of the year. There are still plenty of observances and opportunities for your business to celebrate as part of your 2024 marketing plan.

February marketing calendar ideas

  • Run a Valentine’s Day sale or promotion to show your customers how much you love them.
  • Send your customers your Valentine’s Day promotion over email so they get a little love in their inboxes. (We put together 100+ February email subject lines you can use!)
  • To celebrate Black History Month, share your favorite quotes from Black leaders or historical figures on social media and ask your audience to share theirs.
  • February is also Heart Disease Awareness month, so share resources on your social sites to educate your audience.
  • Send an extra February promotion to customers on Feb. 17 for Random Acts of Kindness Day.

February social media calendar ideas

Add these special February holidays and observances to your social media calendar to show your audience some love.

Feb 11: Super Bowl Sunday

Share your and your team member’s Super Bowl Sunday plans and ask your audience to share theirs. The day after the Super Bowl, ask your audience what their favorite commercial was. #superbowl2024

Feb 14: Valentine’s Day

Socialize your Valentine’s Day specials or promotions on your social sites. Target those last-minute shoppers with a special gift basket giveaway. #valentinesday

Feb 20: National Love Your Pets Day

Who can resist a picture of some cute pets?! Share pictures of your pets and ask your audience to share theirs and tag your business. #loveyourpetsday

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March 2024

This month marks the end of Q1, so take a look back at your marketing objectives and goals for 2024 to see what needs to be adjusted and what’s on track. Remember: This is just a template for your marketing calendar, so you can make tweaks as needed to make sure you’re reaching your growth goals.

March marketing and promotion ideas

  • Run a St. Patrick Day special–17% off services or products. (Get more St. Patrick’s Day marketing ideas plus March email subject lines here!)
  • March is Women’s History Month, so share inspirational quotes from inspirational women on your social media pages.
  • March is also National Reading Month, so get into #BookTok and #Bookstagram by sharing what you and your employees are reading.
  • Celebrate your employees this month by giving them a special incentive or a paid day off–your employees are the backbone of your business!
  • Spruce up the About page on your website to make sure it accurately conveys your brand story.

March social media calendar ideas

Here are a few March social media holidays and observances you can incorporate into your social media planning for this month.

Mar 1: Employee Appreciation Day

Shout out your employees on your social media pages with a picture or video highlighting each one and sharing why they’re special. #employeeappreciation

Mar 14: Pi Day

Share pictures of you and your team enjoying some pie to celebrate Pi Day. If you don’t offer pie, make sure to tag your local bakery in your post to support another local business! #piday

Mar 20: International Happiness Day

Ask your audience to share what makes them happy–it can be a picture, a post, or a video. You can even turn it into a contest and choose one winner to make extra happy! #internationaldayofhappiness

April 2024

Start the second quarter off strong with these ideas to add to your April marketing calendar.

April marketing ideas

  • With many schools on Spring Break this month, consider a Spring Break sale or promotion. (Make sure to send an email about it! Get April email subject lines here.)
  • Run a Tax Day sale to entice shoppers to spend their refunds with you–or to help those who just paid their taxes save.
  • Spring clean your web presence by doing a quick search for your brand name and taking note of what shows up–does everything look good?
  • Try your hand at some Easter marketing and promotion ideas to get business hoppin’.
  • April is National Volunteer Month, so gather your employees and volunteer with a local organization. Make sure to share pictures on your social sites!

April social media calendar ideas

Start the month off right away on social media with April Fool’s Day and then end it strong by highlighting Earth Day on your social calendar.

April 1: April Fool’s Day

If your business is into pranks, post the aftermath on your social sites. Ask your audience the best prank they’ve pulled–or had pulled on them. #aprilfools

April 13: National Scrabble Day

For all those word lovers, celebrate this fun holiday by sharing the best Scrabble word you’ve played–or by sharing some unique Scrabble-approved words your audience can steal. #nationalscrabbleday

April 22: Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day by sharing ideas for sustainability, pictures of you and your team volunteering with a local clean-up, or how your business contributes to restoring our earth year-round. #earthday

Get more April marketing ideas here!

May 2024

Hopefully, it’s starting to warm up where you are, so it’s time to break out some new ideas to test as part of your May marketing calendar.

May marketing and promotion ideas

  • Take some time to make sure you’ve responded to all your business’s reviews so far this year.
  • Also, use this month as a chance to refresh your social pages. Do your profile and cover photos look on brand? Are your business descriptions updated?
  • If you’re near a college, offer a special student discount before school gets out for the semester.
  • Launch a customer loyalty program if you don’t already have one to reward your customers and keep them coming back.
  • Consider partnering with a few local businesses for a “block party” to take advantage of nicer weather and get the word out about your business.

May social media calendar ideas

This month is packed with holidays and observances, so your social media calendar should be in great shape. Here are some ideas to get you started. 

May 5: Cinco de Mayo

If you’re celebrating, share your pictures on social media. Restaurants can share Cinco de Mayo party recipes. #cincodemayo

May 12: Mother’s Day

Shout out to all the moms on social media–share a special message, and include a picture with you and your mom, or you and your kids if you’re a mom! #mothersday

May 27: Memorial Day

Use quotes, images, and other posts to show your support for those who have lost their lives for our country. #memorialday

Get more Memorial Day social media posts and Memorial Day messages here.

June 2024

Keep the momentum rolling in the last half of 2024 with these June marketing ideas, promotions, and social media post suggestions.

June marketing calendar ideas

  • We’re halfway through the year–are you on track to hit your business and marketing goals? Review the goals you set and adjust as needed.
  • Run a summer sale or promotion to get more people to try out your business. Make sure to promote it with email marketing. (Try out one of these June email subject lines to increase opens!)
  • Consider testing out a new marketing strategy in the last half of the year–research some options or talk to your marketing partner for ideas.
  • Celebrate Best Friend’s Day on June 8 by running a buy-one-get-one or referral special so best friends can take advantage of your products or services.


June social media calendar ideas

Don’t let your social media sites go dark this summer–keep your calendar packed with these holidays and observances.

Jun 7: National Donut Day

Bring donuts for your team (and for your customers if you have a storefront!) and share pictures or videos of people enjoying them. If you got donuts from a local bakery, make sure to tag them in your social posts! #nationaldonutday

Jun 16: Father’s Day

Now, it’s time to highlight all the dads out there! Share a picture of you and your dad or you and your kids if you’re a dad and ask your audience to share how they’re celebrating. Or keep it casual and share your favorite dad joke. #fathersday #dadjoke

Jun 21: National Selfie Day

This is an easy one: Share your best selfie and ask your employees to share their selfies! #selfieday

Get more June marketing ideas here.

PS: Summer starts June 20. Try these summer marketing ideas to make a splash this season!

July 2024

Heat up your marketing calendar planning with these hot tips and creative marketing ideas for July.

July marketing and promotion ideas

  • Run a special Fourth of July sale or promotion to get more people to visit your business this month. (Use these July email subject lines to help boost your promotions!)
  • Closed on the Fourth of July or have adjusted hours? Make sure to update your hours on your website, your social media sites, and your local business listings!
  • July is National Grilling Month–share your favorite recipes, grill safety tips, or the best grilling tools (and where to get them–locally!).
  • Get in front of website visitors who haven’t yet converted by running remarketing campaigns this month.

July social media calendar ideas

July has more than just July 4th to highlight on your social sites. Use these ideas for your July social media calendar.

July 4: Independence Day

Share a simple Happy July 4th post with a nice graphic–or share pictures of how you’re celebrating and ask your audience to share theirs! #july4th

Get our full list of 4th of July marketing and social media posts here!

July 15: National Give Something Away Day

This is the perfect day for a Facebook or Instagram giveaway! Run a social media contest and choose a winner to give something away to. #givesomethingawayday

July 21: National Junk Food Day

Use the Poll feature on Facebook and Instagram to ask your audience about their favorite fast-food chain–or their favorite junk food item! #nationaljunkfoodday

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August 2024

As we get into the back half of the year, don’t let your marketing and promotions slip away. Use these August marketing ideas to capture those back-to-school searchers and end-of-summer customers.

August marketing ideas

  • It’s the back-to-school season! Run a back-to-school promotion or contest to reach students and their parents.
  • Don’t forget about social media–Any business can get in the back-to-school spirit on social media with the right back-to-school Instagram captions.
  • It’s not too early to start thinking about your holiday marketing plan–outline your specials and promotions now and let your marketing partner know what you’re planning.
  • Everyone likes a good pen or tote bag–consider giving out promotional materials to your customers to stay top-of-mind.
  • To help meet your year-end goals, check in on your lead management system. Is it working for you? Or do you need to revisit some other options?

August social media calendar ideas

Use these August social media ideas to keep your social calendar packed all month long.

Aug 4: National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

Share your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe–or your favorite place to buy them in your area and ask your customers to share theirs! If you enjoy any chocolate chip cookies today, make sure to share a picture on your social sites. #nationalchocolatechipcookieday

Aug 15: National Relaxation Day

Share your favorite tips for relaxing, a relaxation playlist, or a local business–like a spa–that helps you unwind. Spas–this is a great day for you to share testimonials from customers who you’ve helped relax or just an overview of what you offer. #nationalrelaxationday

Aug 17: National Nonprofit Day

Get out and volunteer at a local non-profit and share pictures on your social sites. If you can’t make it out to volunteer, share a round-up of your favorite non-profits. #nationalnonprofitday

Get more August marketing ideas.

September 2024

September marks the end of Q3 and is a great time to look back at all you’ve accomplished so far in 2024. Use these marketing and promotion ideas to keep your September marketing calendar moving.

September marketing and promotion ideas

  • Take a minute to plan out or confirm your Q4 marketing goals so you’re prepared to end the year in a strong position.
  • Check in to see how customers feel about your business by sending out a survey asking for feedback.
  • Use this month to optimize your Google Business Profile so you can increase your chances of it showing up for local searches.
  • Test some new fall promotions to get new customers this season.
  • September is a busy month for moving–re-introduce your business to locals and reach new community members by sending out a direct mail campaign with a special discount.
  • Send an email campaign for a fun holiday (like National Coffee Day on September 29!).

September social media calendar ideas

September has a lot of holidays and observances you can use to plan your social media calendar.

Sept 2: Labor Day

Wish your social media audience a Happy Labor Day with a nice visual or share a round-up of local Labor Day events. #laborday

Get more Labor Day messages here.

Sept 22: First Day of Fall

Share your favorite fall pastimes, any fall events you have coming up, or recipes for your most-loved fall treats. #firstdayoffall

Sept 25: National One-Hit Wonder Day

Share a YouTube video of your favorite one-hit wonder and ask your audience to share theirs! #nationalonehitwonderday

October 2024

As we enter October, it’s time to get your holiday marketing going and make sure your 2024 marketing calendar is set for the rest of the year.

October marketing calendar ideas

  • Holiday shopping starts this month (we know, it seems early!)–make sure your holiday marketing is locked and loaded and maybe even running already.
  • Do a quick search for your competitors–are they doing anything in their marketing you should try? Are they offering something you’re not? Think about how you can stand out from them either through positioning your business, ramping up your marketing, or changing up your product offerings.
  • Find a local trunk-or-treat your business can sponsor or participate in.
  • Run a Halloween social media contest to get new followers this #spookyszn.

October social media calendar ideas

Check out these October social media holidays and observances to help you create awesome social media content this month.

Oct 1: World Vegetarian Day

Share a recipe for your favorite vegetarian dish or spotlight local restaurants in your area with vegetarian options. Make sure to tag them in your posts! #worldvegetarianday

Oct 10: World Mental Health Day

Share social posts from reputable mental health resources on your social media pages to raise awareness for this cause. #worldmentalhealthday

Oct 31: Halloween

Share pictures of your employees dressed up for Halloween and anyone who visits in costume. Launch a poll to get to the bottom of whether people actually like candy corn. #halloween

Get our full list of Halloween social media ideas here.

November 2024

Only two months left to finish the year out strong! Use these seasonal and holiday marketing ideas to capture customers.

November marketing and promotion ideas

  • Do you have any seasonal products or services? Make sure to show them off this month.
  • Add your business to the Shop Small map and make a plan to participate in Small Business Saturday this month.
  • Check in with your employees to confirm when or if anyone is planning to take off for the upcoming holidays so your scheduling is streamlined.
  • Make sure to send holiday emails with your promotions, sales, and events. (Use these holiday email templates and subject lines.)
  • Send appreciation messages to thank your customers for their business over the last year. (Use these customer appreciation ideas for inspiration!)

November social media calendar ideas

This is a busy time for social media. Keep your social media calendar on track with these November social media ideas!

Nov 11: Veterans Day

Promote any discounts you offer active military or veterans. Or share a simple post thanking veterans for their service. #veteransday

Nov 28: Thanksgiving

Share what you’re thankful for when it comes to your customers and your employees. Make sure to share any pictures of employee or team celebrations! #happythanksgiving

Get 50+ Thanksgiving social media ideas here!

Nov 30: Small Business Saturday

Promote your participation in Small Business Saturday on social! Share any sales, special deals, or events you’re holding, and spotlight other local businesses in your area. #smallbizsat

December 2024

Time to end the year on a high note with these ideas to add to your marketing calendar!

December marketing calendar ideas

  • Create a holiday gift guide for your customers with your products and services as well as related products and services from local businesses.
  • Take a minute to update your holiday hours on your listings, website, and social media sites. This will go a long way for customers!
  • Finalize your marketing plan for 2025–what’s worked well this year? What do you want to accomplish next year?
  • Ask your happy customers to leave you reviews. This will help you start off the new year on the right foot! Then make sure you’re responding to reviews as they come in!

December social media calendar ideas

There are plenty of holiday festivities and cheer to fill your social media calendar this month! Here are a few ideas.

Get our full list of December social media holidays and ideas here!

Dec 5: International Volunteer Day

December is a great month for volunteering. Take part in this day by volunteering with your favorite organization or sharing local volunteer opportunities for your audience to take part in. #volunteerday

Dec 15: Ugly Sweater Day

Have your team wear their ugliest holiday sweaters and share pictures on social media. Consider giving a discount to any customers who come in wearing their best ugly sweater! #uglysweaterday

Dec 31: New Year’s Eve

Share your New Year’s resolutions with your social media audience and ask them to share theirs! #nye2024

And, here are even more holiday social post ideas:

A full year of tips for your 2024 marketing calendar

Whew! Now you’re all set with ideas and inspiration to build out your 2024 marketing calendar. Make sure to get our free guide for even more tips, observances, and holidays to help you plan your marketing campaigns, promotions, and sales.

Cheers to a very happy and prosperous 2024!

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