Top 4 Ways to Customize Your Content Marketing Strategies

The content marketing industry in India is expected to grow by over 16% from 2022 to 2027. This is primarily due to the rapid increase in the number of social media users. In fact, recent trends suggest that companies will increase the use of generative AI to create more content in less time and optimize it so that it reaches the target audience as part of their B2B content marketing strategy. Given how important digital content strategy is, let’s understand how effective content marketing strategies can benefit your business. Furthermore, we also look at how to create a content marketing strategy.

This blog covers the following topics:

  1. How can businesses tailor their content marketing strategies for the Indian audience?
  2. What are the key challenges and opportunities of content marketing in India?
  3. How do cultural nuances impact content marketing strategies in India?
  4. What are the best platforms for content distribution in the Indian market?
  5. How does localized content contribute to successful content marketing in India?
  6. How can you leverage emerging trends in content marketing through Emeritus courses?

How Can Businesses Tailor Their Content Marketing Strategies for the Indian Audience?

Here are a few ways companies can customize their content marketing strategies to target the Indian audience:

1. Focus on Peer-Reviewed Content

A Global Consumer Insights Pulse Survey by PwC showed that Indian consumers, especially the youth, engage well with peer-reviewed content. In fact, they are more likely to purchase from a new brand if an influencer has promoted it on social media. As opposed to that, however, consumers from an older age group are not likely to engage in much influential content marketing. Hence, brands must define their target audience and plan their content marketing strategies. They can collaborate with social media influencers to promote their products. Additionally, for a senior audience, the strategy should revolve around generating value for money.

2. Increase Online Presence

Many Indian consumers carry out online brand research before buying a product or a service. They check out the features, pricing, and results generated by such a product or service. In fact, a lot of people check reviews on Quora, Reddit, and Telegram community channels before making a purchase. The more positive comments about the brand or product they find online, the more likely they are to buy. Therefore, companies can do keyword research and post valuable content on platforms like Quora or Reddit.

3. Focus on Customer-Centric Keywords

Keywords are important whether it is a B2B content marketing strategy or for product users. Defining a target audience and doing market research to understand consumers’ preferences is one of the best ideas for creating customized content. Marketers can analyze this research to find customer-centric keywords and incorporate them into the digital content strategy. This helps get better brand visibility and improves search engine rankings.

4. Use Vernacular Languages

Among the best content marketing strategies that can be adopted is content promotion in vernacular languages for consumers in different regions of India. In a nutshell, write blogs, social media content and create podcasts in vernacular languages to ensure more consumers engage with the content.

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Challenges in Implementing the Best Content Strategies

1. Figuring Out the Correct Channels for Content Promotion

Due to the increasing advancements in digital technology, there are multiple online social media and social networking platforms. To build their presence on every platform, businesses often diversify their marketing campaigns and digital content strategy. This requires more budget and resources and shifts the focus of businesses. Thus, it gets difficult to build effective campaigns.

2. Finding Quality Writers

One of the most significant challenges for brands for B2B content marketing strategy is finding writers with technical expertise and industry knowledge. As a result, brands are sometimes unable to develop an effective voice for their content and end up experimenting over long periods of time. Moreover, with the growing popularity of AI writing tools, it has become even more difficult for companies to identify original content.

Opportunities of Content Marketing in India

1. Lead Generation

Content marketing strategies provide an excellent opportunity for lead generation. It helps businesses build brand awareness, gain credibility, promote their products, and engage with the target audience.

2. Retain Existing Customers

Another opportunity generated through content marketing strategies for businesses is retaining customers by offering informative and quality content. Digital marketing strategies such as video content creation and research-based articles help retain customers.

3. Better Ranking

An excellent benefit provided by content marketing strategies such as SEO includes improved ranking on search engines. It drives more traffic to the website and boosts credibility.

4. Cost Saving

Content marketing is one of the best digital marketing strategies that help companies promote their products at low costs. It reduces marketing costs drastically in comparison to other marketing strategies. Thus, companies can utilize their resources to perform other activities efficiently.

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How do Cultural Nuances Impact Content Marketing Strategies in India?

1. Content Consumption

Indian culture plays a crucial role in how people consume content in the Indian market. Brands carry out content promotion as per the culture their target audience follows. For instance, many Indian consumers today opt for healthy snacks with an Indian taste. Hence, many snack companies market their products as whole wheat or focus on nutritional value. Similarly, skincare brands also build content marketing strategies keeping in mind the perspective of beauty in Indian culture. Moreover, consumers are more likely to purchase from businesses whose content promotion strategy aligns with their values and beliefs.

2. Religious and Political Perspective

In the past, the public chastised several marketing campaigns for hurting their religious or political sentiments. Hence, brands have to be extremely careful to avoid any religious or political reference in their content.

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What are the Best Platforms for Content Distribution in the Indian Market?

Content distribution is a method of distributing or disseminating content to specific audiences via various digital media channels. The purpose of content distribution is to share informative and valuable content that helps generate leads for the business. To that end, some of the most popular content promotion platforms in the Indian market are:

  • Buffer
  • MailChimp
  • LinkedIn Publisher
  • SlideShare
  • PR Newswire
  • Quora
  • Reddit
  • HubSpot
  • Sponsored Ads on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

How Does Localized Content Contribute to Successful Content Marketing in India?

Localized content refers to the content provided to people in their local language. It is one of the most popular marketing strategies for businesses that want to target a vast audience. The following are the benefits of using localized content marketing strategies in India:

  • Localization makes it easier for businesses to penetrate a new region or market in India by boosting engagement and communication with the target audience
  • There is a significant portion of the Indian audience that does not speak English. Hence, localization helps target a wide audience as it becomes easier for them to understand what the brand conveys
  • Attracts a larger audience with localized content, helping brands gain a competitive edge
  • It also helps generate more leads and boosts revenue

How Can You Leverage Emerging Trends in Content Marketing Through Emeritus Courses?

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